Our Product

Electrically Heated Convoluted Core Hose

Fluoropolmer Core ( to 204° C )

Stainless Steel Core Hose ( to 329° C )

Electrically Heated Convoluted Core Hose products are custom engineered to you specific application requirements and equipment.

Hydraulically and electrically complete, each hose is designed for fast, easy installation. Cores ( convoluted fluoropolymer and stainless steel) are designed to meet all requirements while offering improved flexibility on large diameter and bulk transfer products.Hoses can be operated in continuous movement conditions.

The Heating element is a nickel alloy wire that is spiral wound to extremely close tolerances providing optimum temperature uniformity throughout the heated length.

Application for this product include:

Product transfer (hot melt adhesives, urethanes, oils, fats, chemicals and wax) Viscosity control (asphalt, tar, fats, oil, wax, chemicals)

Features of this products include:

  • Ready to use
  • Constant power density and self-limiting heating elements
  • Reinforced with stainless steel braid.
  • Electrical insulation is:
    Fiberglass reinforced, silicone rubber insulation
    Fiberglass/polyamide film
  • 1/2 reinforced fiberglass thermal insulation
  • External jacket is an abrasion resistant braided polyester sleeve(indoor) or a tough, extruded flame-retardant polyurethane (outdoor use).
  • Power/control cable standard length is six (6) feet. Longer lengths are available.